Thursday, 3 June 2010

Google Analytics, and help getting more views/sales!

I got around to signing up for Google Analytics, so hopefully should be able to find out more about how much my shop gets viewed on Folksy! I need to come up with more ways of advertising my shop, as I don't seem to get many views per item... I have this blog, I have a facebook page, and I chat in the forums on Folksy. I have business cards, but haven't given many out yet, only to people who have already bought things!

I need more ideas, anyone got any?

I can't join a listing every day thing like June Loons, as I don't have time to craft every day, so wouldn't manage it!

In the last 3 months since I started this tiny business, I have sold 37 items to friends and family, and only 3 items to people on Folksy... how do I improve on this?

Any thoughts or ideas welcome!

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