Saturday, 19 June 2010

Features, Weddings, Brownies and Green Day! (Excuses why I've not been blogging or crafting!)

I was featured in a blog yesterday! See it here: theglassmountain Very chuffed as never been featured in a Folksy Friday before! The item featured sold to one of my friends earlier this week though...

Sorry I've not been around recently - been very busy with various things! Last weekend I was away - 2 of my friends got married - they had a beautiful pagan handfasting, and the celebrations lasted all weekend, it was lovely, and I was still on a bit of a high from it all week!
The happy Couple :)

Also this week I was very busy organising a 100 Cake Sale with my Brownies - because its the Guiding Centenary year one of the challenges we have to complete involves having 100 of something - we chose to make and sell 100 cakes, but in the end we had loads more, it was great!

And the rest of the week has been really busy with work, ended up working lots of extra hours!

So there has been no time for Crafting...

And there won't be much happening today either, as I'm off to London to see Green Day this afternoon :D

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